COVID-19 update

COVID-19 update.

‪I wanted to let you know that from tomorrow, the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services will begin publicly reporting active cases of COVID-19 by local government area.

‪It is important to understand these cases are recorded according to the address provided at the time of testing and may not reflect where the case currently resides. ‬
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‪There may also be cases in the community that have yet to be detected, which is why it is so important to remain vigilant in social distancing, good hygiene and for everyone to get tested if they have any symptoms no matter how mild.‬

This data will be published each day and also included in the web reporting which can be found on the dedicated Coronavirus website. To access the report click here

Up to 100,000 Victorians will be tested for coronavirus during these two weeks as part of our major testing blitz across the state. The main aim of this increase in testing is to improve access and actively search for cases, allowing us to gain a better picture of this virus and make informed decisions for Victoria.

We are asking Victorians to again play their part and get tested if they have symptoms, because the more tests we do, the more data we have about the prevalence of coronavirus in the community.‬

We’re all in this together.