Public sector funding

Members Statement

Ms MIKAKOS — Yesterday Matthew Guy confirmed his plans for a public service carnage. This calculated carnage will hurt services that Victorians need and expect. We have seen what happened in the past when the Baillieu and Napthine governments slashed 4200 public servants, including more than 600 public servants from the then Department of Human Services.

Ms Crozier interjected.

Ms MIKAKOS — I will tell Ms Crozier what happened. The sacking of support staff meant that child protection workers had to staff reception desks and had to answer all incoming phone calls, taking them away from performing critical investigation work into child abuse and neglect cases.

Apart from confirming his commission of audit, Michael O’Brien in the Assembly has recently criticised employee assistance programs that support our child protection workers and other frontline staff with important mental health programs at the same time as Ms Crozier has been crying crocodile tears for our child protection workers. It is outrageous that the Liberals plan to cut such important programs. The government is proud of the fact that it has overseen the biggest ever expansion of our child protection workforce, with 610 new positions funded. We are also proud of the fact that we have funded 286 new staff in our youth justice system, rebuilding critical services which followed cuts by the previous government, including slashing 20 youth justice staff.

What we have seen is Matthew Guy happy to sack our public servants at will, but he will not sack his bagman, taking brown paper bags from alleged mafia heads.