Members statement

Australia is home to many migrants who have come to this country to escape political dictatorship and repression, and in fact my parents’ own homeland suffered from a fascist dictatorship in the 1970s. This is why I support our democratic institutions, a strong and independent media and the right to peaceful protest. It is concerning to me, however, when I see extremist groups seek to participate in protests, even ones that are on issues that I strongly disagree with. I was very concerned to see reports that the Proud Boys, who were founded by Gavin McInnis in the United States, who thankfully has been denied an entry visa, participated in Mr Finn’s March for the Babies event recently. The FBI have described this group as an extremist group with ties to white nationalism, and apparently its membership is contingent on committing a violent act. So it is abhorrent to me that this extremist group participated in this March for the Babies rally, organised by Mr Finn. I understand that last year the neo-Nazi Lads Society also attended. I call on Mr Finn to ensure that these racist and misogynistic extremist groups no longer attend his event. I note that he did not completely disavow any association with them, and he needs to ensure that these white nationalist groups no longer participate in an event that he has organised.