Minister’s Statement

I rise to inform the house of the latest ambulance performance data and how Victoria’s paramedics are keeping our communities safe. Our paramedics have risen to the challenge in what has been the worst flu season on record. The 2019 flu season so far has had more than 40 000 flu notifications—12 times higher than usual for this time of year. The latest quarterly performance data, however, shows that paramedics reached 84 per cent of code 1 patients within 15 minutes, an improvement of 10.8 percentage points compared to the final June quarter of the previous coalition government. On average, ambulances are reaching the scene of code 1 emergencies 2 minutes and 43 seconds faster than under the previous coalition government. So we have had the best June quarter results achieved in Ambulance Victoria’s history despite a very severe flu season, and I take this opportunity to thank them for this incredible work.

Clearly we do have the best ambulance service in Australia. Just last night at the Council of Ambulance Authorities Awards for Excellence held in Perth, Ambulance Victoria took out separate patient, clinical and technology awards for its high-performance CPR, the rollout of the GoodSAM application and Ambulance Victoria’s Analytics Uplift program. We were up against tough competition from other jurisdictions, including our New Zealand counterparts, but these awards reflect our paramedics’ dedication and tireless efforts to deliver the best care for our community each and every day. This is why we have delivered a record investment of $1 billion, which has turned around a system that was in fact the worst on the mainland when Ms Crozier was the Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Mr Davis was in charge of the system. So I take this opportunity to thank our dedicated paramedics for their great work. This has been done after turning the system around from what we inherited, and we continue to back our paramedics. We thank them very much for the incredible work that they are doing, particularly during the challenging time of the flu season.