Only Labor Will Build The North East Link

Only the Andrews Labor Government will build the North East Link, the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network that will give local roads back to local residents.

Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan today welcomed the Federal Government’s $1.75 billion commitment to the urgently needed project, just days after Matthew Guy and the Victorian Liberals confirmed they will not build it.

The lobster-loving Liberal leader has held a variety of positions on North East Link:

  • In May 2016 Mr Guy told the Diamond Valley Leader that “the Coalition will announce a transport package for Melbourne and the North East link will be a part of that.”
  • In November 2017 he said he didn’t like the proposed route and told Parliament that the Federal Government would block federal land acquisition needed for the project.
  • In February 2018 a local school principal confirmed that Mr Guy had told him that he preferred Option C – through Eltham and Lower Plenty – instead of through Mr Guy’s own electorate as it provided a more “wholistic response”
  • Then on 2 May 2018 in an interview on ABC Radio, Mr Guy confirmed he would not build North East Link.

JON FAINE: If you’re elected, will you sign those contracts? [for the North East Link

With his federal colleagues now supporting the project, Mr Guy has tried to backtrack saying he supports a “future” North East Link.

People stuck in traffic on Rosanna Road, Lower plenty Road and Fitzsimons Lane don’t need a “future” road – they need this road as quickly as possible.

The $16.5 billion North East Link is the biggest transport project in Victorian history and is rated as the most urgent road project in the state by the independent Infrastructure Victoria.

It will create 10,000 jobs, remove 15,000 trucks off local streets, and take 9,000 vehicles off local traffic hotspots like Rosanna Road.

Planning for the North East Link began in December 2016, with the Victorian Budget 2018/19 providing an addition $110 million to fast-track the project ready to go to market within 100 days of a re-elected Andrews Labor Government.