‘Living Longer, Living Stronger’ At Risk

The Baillieu Government has refused to guarantee ongoing funding for the Living Longer Living Stronger (LLLS) program; a successful strength and conditioning program for seniors.

The LLLS allows many seniors to maintain muscle strength and improve their fitness and balance. It assists in managing diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases, as well as keeping seniors active and connected to their communities.

The Council on The Ageing (COTA) has been running the program since 2000 and it benefits approximately 17,000 senior participants annually in around 120 centres across Victoria.

The Living Longer Living Stronger program is offered at many leisure centres across the inner and northern suburbs, including the Richmond Leisure Centre. Pictured, on the 25 November 2011, Jenny, along with the Member for Richmond, Richard Wynne visited the Richmond Leisure Centre which runs a Living Longer Living Stronger program that enables seniors to engage in weights based training. Strength training also helps maintain mental and psychological wellbeing and can be used in treating depression and allows seniors to live independently for longer.

The previous Labor Government funded this and other strength training programs because we recognised the benefit that weight and fitness training programs can provide to older people. It’s time Mr Baillieu does the same.