COVID-19 update – maternity visits

Throughout this pandemic we’ve always relied on the advice of medical experts and we won’t change that now.

That is why we’ve had to make the tough decision to introduce further visitation restrictions to healthcare and aged care settings.

The Chief Health Officer in consultation with Safer Care Victoria and clinical experts have recommended changes to Victorian hospital visitor policies to help prevent coronavirus transmission in hospitals and provide a safer environment for some of our most vulnerable Victorians, like new mums and bubs.

For maternity visits, this means a partner or support person of a pregnant woman can attend the labour and birth for as long as required and they can stay after the birth for as long as required.

A partner or support person can then visit once per day for a maximum of two hours every subsequent day the mother is in hospital care.

The two hour limit has been in place throughout the coronavirus restrictions. The only change is that now there can only be one instead of two visitors.

In recent weeks, many health services have set stricter visitor policies of their own, including in some cases allowing no visits at all by partners of women post birth and no visitors at all in other circumstances.

These recommendations have been reiterated to hospitals to ensure consistency.

We know this will be challenging for patients including new parents but this is about balancing compassion and understanding, with making some tough choices to protect patients in hospital and the dedicated doctors, nurses and midwives who are there to provide all patients with the best care and support throughout their hospital stay.

We know this will be difficult for Victorian families, but ultimately this is about keeping the people we love safe.