COVID-19 Elective Surgery Update

This week we announced that we will ramp up to a return of 50% of normal elective surgery levels by the end of May, in line with a decision of the National Cabinet.

This is great news for patients who have been waiting for their operations since restrictions were first put in place by the National Cabinet at the beginning of April – we thank people for their patience during this time.

We are aiming to get back to 75% of normal elective surgery activity by the end of June and 100% by the end of July.

These timeframes will be possible if we continue to see low numbers of COVID-19 cases here in Victoria. So for the sake of people you know who might be waiting for their day surgery or to get a knee, hip or shoulder replacement, please continue to do the right thing, keep following the rules and keep helping to protect our health system.

Remember – we’re all in this together.

The Andrews Government will also resume our $60 million elective surgery blitz in the second half of 2020, when it is safe to do so. The blitz, which began before restrictions were put in place, has already allowed many Victorians to have their surgeries fast-tracked.

We’re continuing to work with our public and private hospitals to ensure we ramp up elective surgery safely. Patients will continue to be prioritised for elective surgery by treating clinicians, based on clinical need.