Tony Abbott and the Liberals are preparing to cut the aged pension.

Among changes being considered by the Abbott Government are:

  • Raising the age of retirement, and the eligibility for the aged pension, to 70
  • Including the family home in the ‘assets test’, disqualifying many seniors from the aged pension.
  • Reducing future pension increases by linking the amount to inflation and not average male weekly earnings.
  • Making it harder to qualify for the disability support pension.

Tony Abbott’s changes will make life harder and more expensive for seniors. Denis Napthine’s plans to sell off aged care facilities will only make things worse.

Quotes attributable to Ms Mikakos: 

“Denis Napthine and Tony Abbott think senior Victorians are an easy target.” 

“They’ll cut the aged pension, sell off aged care centres and increase bills, because the Liberals always put seniors last.” 

“So it’s no wonder neither that Denis Napthine nor any of his Victorian Coalition colleagues have failed to speak out against the proposed pension changes.” 

“Seniors deserve dignity and respect but the Liberals have abandoned them.”

Key Facts 

  • Denis Napthine cut $75 million from aged care and embarked on a campaign to sell off aged care centres.
  • Pensioners in Victoria are struggling with increases in utility bills but Denis Napthine cut pensioners’ gas and electricity concessions.
  • Other costs imposed on pensioners by the Napthine Government include increases to the motor vehicle registration, increased public transport fares, the new Fire Services Property Levy and increases to public housing rents.