Call for review into juveniles held in adult prisons

The Baillieu Government must announce a review into juveniles held in adult
prisons, Shadow Minister for Corrections Jill Hennessy and Shadow Minister for
Youth Justice Jenny Mikakos said today.

Last week, it was reported that a 16 year old was kept in solitary confinement for
four months inside an adult prison.

Ms Mikakos said that a youth worker had reported at least five 16 or 17 year olds
being held in maximum security inside adult facilities.

 “The Baillieu Government has refused to disclose how many juveniles are currently
held inside adult prisons,” Ms Mikakos said

 “The Government must explain why this practice is necessary and why the security in
juvenile facilities is not adequate.”

Ms Mikakos said a review undertaken by Neil Comrie in 2010 identified the
security, staffing and infrastructure issues that needed to be addressed in
juvenile justice, including what was then an emerging problem of high risk
violent offenders who needed to be managed within the juvenile justice system.

“Youth offenders are being locked up in solitary confinement in adult prisons because
the Baillieu Government has not done anything in two years to address how to
manage high risk violent youth offenders,” Ms Mikakos said.

Ms Hennessy said that it was time the Baillieu Government took responsibility.

“It is time the Baillieu Government showed some leadership and stopped the buck
passing,” Ms Hennessy said.

“Ministers Wooldridge, McIntosh and Clark have gone into hiding and it’s time that one of them took responsibility.

“The Victorian prison system is already overcrowded with protection and isolation
units already under enormous pressure to accommodate adult prisoners.”