Baillieu Turns His Back On Parents In Sunbury

Hundreds of families across Melbourne’s Western suburbs have been forced to urgently seek alternative childcare arrangements following the Baillieu Government’s decision to scrap the Take-a-Break program.

Visiting Goonawarra Community House in Sunbury, Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on Children and Young Adults Jenny Mikakos said the cold-hearted decision would place more pressure on existing services.

“Mr Baillieu’s stubborn refusal to support Take-a-Break could mean hundreds of families in Sunbury and surrounding suburbs will miss out on childcare now and into the future,” Ms Mikakos said.

“Mr Baillieu’s choice to cut funding for Take-a-Break is extremely short-sighted.

“Centres that offer childcare services, such as Goonawarra Community House, don’t run at a profit as they are community organisations, so Mr Baillieu’s funding cuts could mean the cancellation of the popular occasional childcare program.

“In Government, Labor recognised the importance of the program and we were proud to provide the full funding for the continuation of Take-a-Break across Victoria during the past 12 months.

“In addition State Governments in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia fund their respective programs.

“So far Mr Baillieu has offered nothing but excuses on why he won’t support Take-a-Break.”

Member for Macedon Joanne Duncan said there was growing anger in the community regarding Mr Baillieu’s decision to cut funding for Take-a-Break.

“By scrapping Take-a-Break, local families are being left without an opportunity to have a few spare hours when they need it, so they can go to appointments, take training or further study or simply to have some time to ‘take a break.’” Ms Duncan said.

“Mr Baillieu needs come out to Sunbury and talk with local parents and take responsibility for his decision to walk away from occasional childcare which could leave families stranded.

“It’s time Mr Baillieu stands up for local families and immediately reinstates funding for this popular program.”